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LinkedIn is a key tool for entrepreneurs, helping to establish valuable business connections and expand the influence of your brand. Our team of specialists offers a full range of services for creating and optimizing personal entrepreneur profile, as well as company business page on LinkedIn.
What's included in the service:
Formation of personal entrepreneur profile: We will help you create and optimize your profile on LinkedIn, highlighting key moments of your career, achievements, and professional skills. Your profile will start attracting partners and clients.
Creation and setup of business page: We will develop and configure your company's page on LinkedIn, taking into account the specifics of your brand and target audience. We will add information about the company, logo, cover, and contact details.
Three company posts: We will create and publish three informative posts about your company, its products and services, achievements, and benefits for customers.
Content strategy consultations: Our team will provide you with recommendations on content strategy for your personal profile and business page to help you attract the attention of your target audience and increase engagement.


Work process



Career interview and information gathering for LinkedIn profile creation

After receiving your application via email / Telegram / WhatsApp, we will contact you and schedule a preliminary free consultation in Zoom. During the consultation, you will meet with a specialist, and he, in turn, will gather the necessary information about your profile, education, career experience, and your wishes for the country of relocation and field of activity. The next step is to fill out a questionnaire with a detailed description of your experience. Any additional documents, such as the current version of your CV, certificates, portfolio with case studies, will also be useful. After receiving the questionnaire and making a 50% advance payment, the specialist starts working. Important: the preliminary consultation does not obligate you to further purchase our services. For LinkedIn profile work, you can provide our specialist with temporary login and password or adjust the profile under the guidance of the specialist during the final consultation.



Material creation and editing

Within 3-5 days, the specialist completes work with your profile (directly on LinkedIn or in Word document format). You make edits and comments if necessary, and together with the specialist finalize the work.



Final consultation

The expert conducts a final consultation with you, during which he explains how to use the platform and effectively search for work on it. Within 7 days after completing the service, you can ask the specialist to make additional edits - this service is provided free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

The standard processing time for a new order ranges from 7 to 14 working days. For more precise information, we recommend leaving us a message. In urgent cases, an express order option is available.

After you submit an application or send us a message on Telegram, our specialist will contact you to answer all questions regarding the chosen service.

Typically, we take a 50% prepayment for document preparation and LinkedIn profile services.

Depending on the volume of the order, you will receive the completed work within approximately 7-14 working days, along with a link for the final payment.

As odd as it might sound, we are not HR consultants who earn solely through consultations. Each member of our team has changed careers several times over the last few years, obtaining work visas at prestigious companies.

We share insights on what is asked in interviews, how to conduct oneself during negotiations, how to search for jobs effectively, how to write resumes, and answer any questions you might have, all from personal experience accumulated through years of practice.

With our resume and consultation, you will significantly accelerate your path to your first job abroad.

Yes, we offer translation and editing services for existing documents. Please contact us for further details.
Clients who have ordered document preparation packages can request free revisions of the presented documents within 5 working days.

Yes! We work with Stripe and YooMoney payment systems to provide solutions to a wide range of countries, you can use bank cards and electronic wallets for payment.

If you face difficulties on our website, please refer to our customer support at

The career package includes the preparation of a resume (new or based on an existing one), a cover letter for employers, and LinkedIn profile preparation.

Many of our clients choose this package because it includes a career consultation and helps them optimize their job search and relocate faster.

Our team works remotely from different countries (currently Italy, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Georgia, and Russia), our company is registered in Singapore as UniHow PTE. LTD.

Great! Write to us on Telegram or submit a contact form on our website, our specialists will respond to you promptly.

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