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This service is suitable for specialists who want to relocate to Europe or the USA, those who want to significantly increase their income and enhance their professional brand, gain confidence, learn to pass any interview, improve their English, or even start their own business.





Selection process and initial meeting

Selection for the mentorship program is made by preliminary application. Try to describe your motivation and goals as detailed as possible. After receiving your application, if we understand that the mentorship program perfectly matches your goals, we will contact you and schedule a preliminary consultation on Zoom. During the consultation, you will meet with Ekaterina, and she, in turn, will collect the necessary information about your profile, education, career experience, and your preferences for country of relocation and field of activity. During the meeting, you will also agree on the start date of the mentorship.



Work process

Brief overview of the program structure (scheduling will be coordinated individually through Telegram): 3 personal meetings with Ekaterina per week. These sessions will cover your questions and problems, as well as any other topics you would like to discuss. Direct communication with Ekaterina via Telegram: throughout this process, you will have constant access to Ekaterina for advice, guidance, and support. CV, Cover, LinkedIn, professional positioning: together, we will review and reformat your personal brand and define goals. Job search strategy: together, we will develop a comprehensive job search strategy focused on your preferred companies and positions, considering our knowledge of current market trends. Active phase: no fluff, focus on practice. We'll start applying for jobs and going through interviews. Preparation for the English-language interview: we'll refine your interview skills and negotiation techniques. Increase your value in terms of financial compensation. Overcome fears and inhibitions. As a bonus, you will also get a month's access to the Networkio platform and additionally be able to attend club meetings.




After two weeks of work, we will hold a final meeting where we will summarize the work and discuss your next steps and received offers. You will be able to continue the mentorship program at a special price or continue your journey independently with the knowledge and skills acquired during two weeks of intensive work.

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