Consultation for Admission to Foreign Universities


Plan your path to success with an experienced career advisor

Get a personalized consultation, fully tailored to your requests.

Receive a personalized consultation, fully adapted to your request. We will discuss questions related to the stages and procedures of admission, develop an optimal strategy for successful admission, and prepare a detailed checklist of all necessary steps. After the consultation, you will receive not only valuable knowledge but also two documents: your personalized admission strategy and a detailed action plan for independent steps. The goal of the consultation is to provide you with all the necessary information and tools to make your admission to a foreign university as effective and successful as possible.





Application Process

When applying, be specific and as detailed as possible. Write about your background, age, and language proficiency. Specify where you plan to apply. You can mention countries and fields of study. Describe the purpose of studying abroad. After receiving your application via email/Telegram/WhatsApp, our expert will contact you. They will clarify details to prepare information tailored to your request and schedule a consultation date on Zoom.



Payment and Consultation

You make the payment at any convenient time before the date of the consultation. On the scheduled date, the expert will thoroughly discuss the admission strategy according to your request, prepare an admission checklist with stages and dates for a full understanding of your action strategy. After the consultation, you will have a complete picture of your situation and can rely on your strategy and checklist for further independent admission to a university abroad.

Frequently asked questions

The standard processing time for a new order ranges from 7 to 14 working days. For more precise information, we recommend leaving us a message. In urgent cases, an express order option is available.

Yes, we offer translation and editing services for existing documents. Please contact us for further details.
Clients who have ordered document preparation packages can request free revisions of the presented documents within 5 working days.

Yes! We work with Stripe and YooMoney payment systems to provide solutions to a wide range of countries, you can use bank cards and electronic wallets for payment.

If you face difficulties on our website, please refer to our customer support at

Our team works remotely from different countries (currently Italy, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Georgia, and Russia), our company is registered in Singapore as UniHow PTE. LTD.

Great! Write to us on Telegram or submit a contact form on our website, our specialists will respond to you promptly.

Assistance in Writing and Editing Written Works

Support in writing and editing the draft of your written work. Our experts will help you create an impressive motivational letter, essays, or an academic CV, as well as provide writing guidelines and correct errors. The editing is done by an experienced expert with a linguistic background, dozens of successful client cases, and personal experience in successful foreign admissions.

Motivational Letter

Our experts will create a tailor-made motivational letter for you from scratch, precisely matching the requirements of your chosen university or program. The development is handled by an experienced expert with a linguistic background, dozens of successful client cases, and personal experience in successful foreign admissions.

Letter of Recommendation / Thematic Essay / Academic CV

Ideal for those needing to create an academic or professional letter of recommendation for admission to a foreign university. Our experts ensure that the letter will precisely meet the requirements of your chosen university or program.

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